Antigua I'm Ready!



Make Antigua Your Destination Wedding Location

Antigua is famous for its picturesque sunsets behind perfect, tropical palm trees and deservedly so. Imagine yourself surrounded by pure paradise as you exchange vows in front of your adoring friends and family the way a destination wedding is meant to be. Mix in fine cuisine expertly prepared by executive chefs, paired with an arrangement of music of your choosing, and your wedding will be one to remember for a lifetime.

Our Wedding Packages Let You Pamper Your Guests

In addition to your incredible wedding venue, Antigua offers a host of different activities for you and all of your guests. If you enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, boating or golfing, Antigua caters to all adventure types. Your guests will have plenty to see and do with a range of activities to suite a variety of tastes. Or if you happen to prefer a more relaxed vacation, sit back and soak up the sun on any one of Antigua’s world class beaches with first-class service ready to attend to your every need. For your dream wedding in paradise, Antigua will certainly not disappoint.

For more information about a destination wedding in Antigua, please contact our travel wedding specialists.

Aruba I'm Ready!



Let Your Aruba Wedding Dreams Come True

Aruba is known for its gracious hospitality and incredible landscapes. This is a modern island with pristine, clean beaches that line historical caves, ruins, and breathtaking hilltops. There is abdsolutely no shortage of amazing wedding photo opportunities, especially along the winding coastline. Aside from the incredible scenery, Aruba is home to delightful entertainment and nightlife that is filled with excitement. We would love to provide you with additional information regarding accommodations, shopping and dining guides, activities and events – your guests will be impressed with the level of opulence and flexibility.

Experience Our Aruba Wedding Packages

With a clearly established tourism industry that is constantly growing, you can be assured of a clean, safe, and enjoyable getaway that will exceed your dream wedding expectations. If there were two words needed to describe Aruba, they would be warm and welcoming. Our destination wedding packages ensure you’re beyond satisfied with your wedding. Travel Wedding’s expert staff will take care of every aspect – no matter how big or small – of this special day, affording you more freedom to focus on spending more of your future together!

For more information about planning a destination wedding in Aruba, please contact our travel wedding specialists.

Bahamas I'm Ready!



Bahamas Wedding Packages Offer More To See & Do

Whether you are looking for a large lavish wedding with a large number of guests, a small intimate wedding with close family and friends, or something that lies in between, the Bahamas is the place to cater to any wedding desire. Many couples flock to the Caribbean for their wedding and there’s no doubt why they do. With over 700 islands, the possibilities are endless. In one of the most romantic places in the world, the Bahamas offers bright blue tropical water, pristine white sand beaches and rustling palm trees.

Add Spectacular Activities To Your Wedding

After your wedding the Bahamas gives you and your guests the opportunity to enjoy a little adventure by swimming with dolphins, snorkelling amongst tropical fish or kayaking along the coast. If you want a more relaxed activity, indulge in one of the many spas, or simply soak up the sun on one of the many gorgeous beach fronts as the hotel staff attends to your every need. There’s no shortage of activities here and your guests will have the time of their lives.

For more information about a destination wedding in the Bahamas, please contact our travel wedding specialists.

Barbados I'm Ready!



Barbados Is Your Signature Wedding Destination

Barbados has more than 70 miles of beautiful palm-adorned beaches, crystal clear water and a year round climate that is considered nothing less than perfect. Ideal for a true wedding in paradise. This tropical destination is full of exciting opportunities to explore and discover unique culture, indigenous wildlife and local entertainment. Take a catamaran tour and snorkel above incredible coral reef and colourful exotic fish. No matter which destination wedding package you decide on, you and your loved ones will experience a week to remember.

Celebrate Life & Love The Barbados Way

The country’s motto is “Long Live Life”, and we are sure you’ll agree in a place like Barbados on your special day. This special occasion will be remembered by yourselves and your guests for years and years to come!

For more information about a destination wedding in Barbados, please contact our travel wedding specialists.

Bermuda I'm Ready!



The Ultimate Bermuda Wedding Resorts Are Waiting For You

Easily one of the world’s prettiest islands, Bermuda has incredible crystal clear caribbean water which lay backdrop to the island’s beautiful and unique wildlife. Full of amazing gardens, and high stretched palm trees, picture your wedding on a fine white sand beach, with the sun gently shining down on you and your guests. Truly a destination wedding in paradise.

Different Packages To Suit Your Unique Needs

On top of being in such an aesthetically pleasing surrounding, the general atmosphere of comfort and warm welcoming is a dream for newlyweds and their guests. The hospitality and general kindness of the Bermudan people adds something special to your destination wedding.

For more information about a destination wedding in Bermuda, please contact our travel wedding specialists.

Costa Rica I'm Ready!

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica Destination Wedding Packages

You can not talk about Costa Rica without describing its world renowned landscapes, including lush rainforests and tropical beaches. These romantic backdrops are perfect for a destination wedding in paradise.

Choose Your Activities

Costa Rica is also ideal for a little adventure after your wedding with opportunities for amazing hikes, biking, fishing or horseback riding. If you want to relax, take a dip in a variety of natural hot springs, or indulge at one of the many local cafes or markets.

For more information about a destination wedding in Costa Rica, please contact our travel wedding specialists.

Cuba I'm Ready!



Celebrate Your Marriage In Havan

Cuba is a beautiful destination that is kissed by the incredible Caribbean sea and the Atlantic Ocean. If you picture yourself getting married on a stunning beach surrounded by crystal clear water, then this is the perfect destination for your special day.

Wedding Packages To Havana

Cuba has incredibly rich history and culture. Take advantage of this by heading to magnificent Havana City. The backdrop surrounding the colourful Cuban architecture is a picture perfect spot for one of a kind wedding photos. For more information about a destination wedding in Cuba, please contact our travel wedding specialists.

Dominican Republic I'm Ready!

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Wedding Packages

If you want a wedding that will take your breath away, the Dominican Republic is the ideal destination. This location is the definition of pristine white sand beaches, lush palm trees and crystal clear turquoise water. Perfect for a dream wedding on the beach. The Dominican Republic offers close intimate ceremonies that you and your guests will remember for a lifetime with tropical backgrounds ideal for a blissful wedding in paradise.

Punta Cana Destination Weddings

Punta Cana boasts some of the best tropical resorts in the entire world, specifically designed to enhance and optimize your perfect destination wedding vacation. You will be incredibly taken back by the stunning, romantic atmosphere that the Dominican Republic offers.

For more information about a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic, please contact our travel wedding specialists.

Hawaii I'm Ready!



A Destination Wedding Gem

With six beautiful islands, Hawaii offers a variety of destination wedding desires. Take your pick between a secluded beach, lavish tropical gardens or an almost prehistoric volcano setting. Hawaii just exudes paradise around every corner and is assured to please you and your guests throughout your entire wedding holiday.

Stunning Beaches Await You

With some of the best beaches in the world, and a stunning background of green hilltops, the romantic atmosphere is sure to please you and your fiance on your special day.

For more information about a destination wedding in Hawaii, please contact our travel wedding specialists.

Mexico I'm Ready!



Immerse Yourself In Stunning Beaches & Tropical Gardens

Those planning their special day will certainly find Mexico an ideal location. With incredible sunsets, stunning beaches and surrounding tropical gardens, there is nothing more you’ll need for a beautiful backdrop for your wedding. Mexico is not just a beautiful location, it also has deep culture that is sure to enhance your overall experience. Explore the ancient Aztec and Mayan ruins, or if you are looking for adventure, why not try diving into the riviera Maya, or snorkel over some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the entire world.

Mexico Destination Weddings Offers The Whole Package

For the full package of beauty, culture and adventure on your wedding vacation Mexico has it all.

For more information about a destination wedding in Mexico, please contact our travel wedding specialists.

St. Martin I'm Ready!

St. Martin

St. Martin

A Diamond In The Rough

With its countless tropical bays, turquoise water, white sand beaches and surrounding lush green hilltops, St. Martin will not disappoint for those looking for a relaxed, beautiful backdrop to their destination wedding.

St. Martin’s Wedding Packages Aim To Please

The island may be small, however St. Martin is known for its elaborate landscapes and incredible weather. Your guests will lavish in the warm sun, surrounded by palm trees stretching in the breeze. This is definitely a destination that is unforgettable. Perfect for an unforgettable moment in your life.

For more information about a destination wedding in St. Martin, please contact our travel wedding specialists.

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